Pressure Controllers

Shimax MAC3 Series Compact Digital Controller

Shimax MAC3 is Compact Digital Controller with Abundant Additional Function

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Vogtlin GSP Red-y Smart Pressure Controller

Model: GSP-D9SA-BU13
Medium: Argon (Ar)
Flow Range: 5.4 - 270ln/min
GS - Instrument Type: Red-y Smart Meter 
 P - Function: Pressure Controller 
-D9 - Full scale of measuring range (Ar): Divider D, up to 270ln/min 
 S - Instruments Version: Standard (±1.0% full scale, 1:50) 
 A - Materials (Body, seals): Aluminium, FKM 
-B - Analog signals (Output): Current 4 - 20mA 
 U - Full scale of pressure range: Gauge pressure 10barg 
 13 - Control Valve(Integrated): Nozzle 8.0mm
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