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Shimax MA20 Series Controller / Alarm Meter

Shimax MAC20 Series is Large Display Controller or Indication Alarm Meter with Temperature, Voltage or Current input options

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Shimax MAC5 Series Digital Temperature Controller

Shimax MAC5 is the Low Cost and Compact Digital Temperature Controller with multiple inputs as the thermocouple, RTD and Voltage signal.

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Shimax MAC6A / MAP6A Series Digital Pattern Controller

Shimax MAC6A/MAP6A is the Digital Controller with universal input and fast sampling rate

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Sale! Yokogawa UT150 Temperature Controller

Yokogawa UT150 Temperature Controller

Model: UT150-AN/AL
UT150 - 1/16 DIN Temperature Controller
   -A - Control Output for standard type(or for heating): 4 to 20mA output (continuous PID)
    N - Control output for cooling: No cooling output (Standard Type)
  /AL - Option: Alarm outputs (2 points)
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Yokogawa UP55A Program Controller


  • 14-segment active color LCD display
  • Standard 30 program patterns / 300 program segments
  • Easy to operate
  • Navigation keys
  • Ladder sequence function
  • 65 mm depth
  • Built-in open network functions
  • Quick setting function
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Sale! Yokogawa YS1700 Programmable ControllerYokogawa YS1700 Programmable Controller

Yokogawa YS1700 Programmable Controller

Model: YS1700-101
YS1700 - Programmable indicating contorller
  -1   - Use: With hard manual unit
   0   - Type: Basic Type
   1   - Power Supply: 220VAC Power
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Yokogawa UT35A & UT32A Advanced Indicating Controller

  • Single-loop control
  • 1/8 and 1/4 DIN models
  • Active PV display color-changing function
  • Ladder sequence function
  • 14-segment white LCD
  • Open network (Ethernet and PROFIBUS DP) support
  • 65 mm depth
  • Universal I/O
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