Yokogawa FX1000 Paperless Recorder

Model: FX1006-4-2-H/USB1
FX1006 - 6 Channels, Shortest measurement interval: 1s
    -4 - External Storage Medium Slot: With CF Card Slot and Medium
    -2 - Language: English/German/French, degF and DST
    -H - Withstanding voltage between measuring input terminals: 1000 VAC(50/60 Hz), 1min
 /USB1 - Options: USB Interface (1 port)
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Yokogawa uR20000 Dot Chart Recorder

Model: 437106-2
437106 - uR20000 6 dot Chart Recorder 
-2 - Language: English/German/French, degF & DST
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Yokogawa uR10000 Chart Recorder


  • Weatherproof front door meets DIN 40050-IP54 standards in panel mount installations
  • Powerful Math Functions (/M1 Option)
  • Wealth of Recording and Printing Functions
  • Navigational display offering superior ease to use setup
  • Multi display for site monitoring
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