Contrec 102A Analogue Input Flow Rate Totalizer

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Model: 102A.2
102A - Analogue Input Rate Totaliser 
2 - Wall Mount with Standard Glands

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Contrec 102 Flow Rate Totalizer Product Highlights

  • Contrec 102 Flow Rate Totalizer is an accurate process instrument for field mounting applications.
  • The display for totalizer is up to seven digit 10″ high LCD screen. However, it is only up to five digits with 0.33″ high for rate display.
  • Basically, Contrec 102A is powered entirely from the 4-20mA current loop.
  • These flowmeters including Differential Pressure Devices, Magnetic Flow Meters or Vortex Flow Meters.
  • Furthermore, Contrec 102 flow rate totalizer has a digital filter which will average out the fluctuations and enable the rate to read in four-digit accuracy.
  • The Flow Rate Totalizer is fully programmable with 10 point linearization curve to improve accuracy, frequency cut off and conversion factors (i.e. rate in Litres – totalise in Tons).
  • In addition, a non-volatile memory store all set up parameters and totals.
  • Contrec 102A Flow Rate Totalizer allow the user to program Rate of Flow, Resettable Total and also Accumulated Total in engineering units.
  • High and low alarm are standard via optically state solid relay outputs.
  • Alternatively, the user can program the high alarm output.
  • Consequently, it allows the unit to provide a scaled pulse output proportional to the total.
  • The Contrec 102A Flow Rate Totalizer build with rugged enclosure which is IP67 (NEMA 4X) polycarbonate.
  • Hence, the enclosure is completely watertight.
  • The Flow Rate Totalizer comes with a standard wall mounting bracket.
  • Meanwhile, a 2″ panel and pipe mounting bracket are available as an option.
  • A non-volatile memory store all set-up parameters and total in the event of power failure.

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