Contrec 102D Battery Powered Flow Rate Totalizer

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Model: 102D.1
102D - Rate Totalizer 
1 - Panel Mount

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Contrec 102D Flow Rate Totalizer Product Highlights

  • Contrec 102D Flow Rate Totalizer is a microprocessor-based instrument which can accept either frequency or pulse input from a wide range of flow meters.
  • These including turbine, paddle wheel, and positive displacement flow meters.
  • The instrument displays flow rate, resettable Total and also an Accumulated Total directly in engineering units.
  • The design of Contrec 102D Flow Rate Totalizer is to operate with virtually any pulse or frequency generating flow meters.
  • Contrec 102D is powered entirely by the internal replaceable battery, therefore no external power required.
  • Contrec 102D Flow Rate Totalizer can fully programmable with 10 point linearization curve for improved accuracy, frequency cut off and also conversion factors. (i.e. rate in Litres – totalizer in Tons).
  • A non-volatile memory store all set up parameters and totals.
  • The user can then program parameters like scaling factors, decimal point positions, filter constants and time base from a fully programmable front panel.
  • The instrument uses a lithium battery for powering the display.
  • Therefore require no external power supply.
  • Contrec 102A Flow Rate Totalizer build with rugged enclosure which is IP67 (NEMA 4X) polycarbonate. Hence, the enclosure is completely watertight.
  • The Contrec 102A comes with a standard wall mounting bracket.
  • Meanwhile, a 2″ panel and pipe mounting bracket are available as an option.

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Contrec 102D Data Sheet

Contrec 102D Instruction Manual


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