Contrec 212 Heat Energy Calculator/BTU Meter

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Model: 212.10.N0S
212 - BTU Meter 
.1 - Panel Mount 
0 - No Outputs .
N - Dc Powered 
0 - No Probe 
S - OIML R75 Compliant

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Contrec 212 Series BTU Meter Product Highlights

  • Contrec 212 BTU Meter is designed to measure the energy consumed in both heating and cooling (air conditioning) systems.
  • The instrument is normally supplied complete with temperature probes and power supply and will interface with a wide variety of flowmeters, including positive displacement and inferential water meters, magnetic flowmeters with pulse outputs, turbine flowmeters & paddle wheel flowmeters.
  • Contrec 212 BTU Meter measures the temperature in the feed and return flow lines and uses this information to calculate the density and enthalpy of water.
  • By also measuring the volume of water flowing in the system, the Model 212 will then determine the energy used. Calculate power as:

P = V x ᵨ x (hTV – hTR)
where P = Power (W)
V = Volumetric Flowrate (m3/sec)
ᵨ = Density (kg/m3)
hTV = Specific Enthalpy (J/kg) at Feed Temperature
hTR = Specific Enthalpy (J/kg) at Return Temperature

  • For typical water heating or cooling systems, Contrec 212 design for pressures does not exceed 16 bars.
  • The temperature in both the feed and return lines is measured via two PT100 resistance temperature devices (RTDs).
  • Four wire RTDs should be a matched pair, Class A to IEC 751 standard to achieve maximum accuracy.
  • Contrec 212 complies with OIML R75 and EN1434 standards also include Meter-bus and RS485 (Modbus RTU) communication links.
  • BTU Meter includes separate peak and off-peak registers as well as the ability to compute charge and discharge energy in systems where heat may be stored in underground tanks.
  • Contrec 212 provides pulse output with programmable pulse width from 10 to 500ms.
  • Contrec 212 BTU Meter has a highly accurate built-in real time clock (2ppm typ) also keep track of logging, peak-on/peak-off points, etc.
  • After the power failure, the real-time clock is able to keep running for two days hence with ±1 minute accuracy, typically.

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Input Types

Frequency Input, Pulse Input


Contrec 212 Data Sheet

Contrec 212 Data Sheet Contrec 212 Instruction Manual