Vogtlin GSM Red-y Smart Mass Flow Meter

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Model: GSM-D9SA-BN00
Medium: Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Flow Range: 4 - 200ln/min 
GS - Instrument Type: Red-y Smart Series (Gas) 
 M - Function: Mass Flow Meter 
-D9 - Full Scale of measuring range (CO2): Divider D, up to 200ln/min 
 S - Instruments version: Standard (±1.0% full scale, 1:50) 
 A - Materials(Body, seals): Aluminium, FKM 
-B - Analog signals (Output): Current 4 - 20mA 
 N - Analog signals (Input): Not defined 
 00 - Control Valve(Integrated): No valve


Vogtlin Red-y Smart Mass Flow Meter Product Highlights

  • Vogtlin Red-y Smart with high-precision MEMS technology (CMOS Sensors) also it set new standards for mass flow meter in terms of response characteristics and measuring accuracy.
  • With using Thermal Mass Flow Measurements principle Vogtlin Red-y Smart Series hence is insensitive to pressure and temperature changes. Because of all device with real gas calibration hence this ensures high accuracy and reproducibility. The calibration is traceable to the METAS standard (Federal office of Metrology, Switzerland)
  • Vogtlin “Get Red-y” software comes free with Red-y Smart Series for efficient device management via any PC.
  • While Vogtlin “Get Red-y” Software available to view flow rate & temperature, change set points, select measured gas also other not mentioned.
  • Red-y Smart available as an option with the built-in display to view the flow rate directly.
  • Up to 10 different gases or gas mixtures available under one Red-y Smart for the multi-gas option.
  • With the latest MEMS technology, the mass flow meters and controllers have both digital and analog interface as standard. Profibus interface is available as an option.

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Weight3 kg


Data Sheet: Vogtlin Red-y Smart Data Sheet

Manual: Vogtlin Red-y Smart User Manual