Vogtlin GIM Red-y Industrial Mass Flow Meter

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Model: GIM-C9SU-BN00
Medium: Hydrogen (H2)
Flow Range: 6 - 300ln/min
GI - Instrument Type: Red-y Industrial Explosion Proof Mass Flow Meter 
 M - Function: Mass Flow Meter 
-C9 - Full scale of measuring range(H2): up to 300ln/min 
 S - Instruments Version: Standard (±1.0% full scale, 1:50) 
 U - Connection/Materials(Body, Seals): Cable Gland/Stainless Steel/FKM 
-B - Analog signals(Output): Current 4 - 20mA 
 N - Analog signals(Input) : Not defined 
 00 - Control Valve(Integrated) : No Valve


Vogtlin GIM, Red-y Industrial Explosion Proof Mass Flow Meter Product Highlights

  • Vogtlin Red-y Industrial is a mass flow meters & controllers with IP67 & Explosion proof protection, it means of high accuracy for heavy and tough duties.
  • Vogtlin Red-y Industrial are the combinations between Red-y Smart with tough and rugged body to serve hazardous environment.
  • High accuracy at ±1.0% hence with high turn down ratio at 1:50
  • Electrical Connection comes standard with cable gland with compression fitting, while M12 plug available as optional.
  • Stainless Steel 316L is the only material for body across all range of Vogtlin Red-y Industrial, while Aluminium as standard material for the housing.
  • Red-y Industrial Meter, GIM with capability of measuring up to 300ln/min of H2 with standard G1/4″ process connection.
  • To ease in most industrial standard connection & communication, GIM equipped with both Analogue and Digital type of output. To provide standard for Digital communication a free Get Red-y Software also RS-485 ready for analogue output configuration.
  • Option of multigas measurements are possible under one mass flow meter, hence accuracy never being compromise.

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