Yokogawa AXF150G-PNAL1S-AA11-2NB Magnetic Flow Tube

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Model: AXF150G-PNAL1S-AA11-2NB
AXF150 - Size: 150mm (6.0")
     G - Use: General Purpose Use
    -P - Converter, Output Signal and Communication: Remote Flowtube for Combined Use with AXFA14
     N - Power Supply: Remote Flowtube
     A - Lining: Fluorocarbon PFA
     L - Electrode Material: JIS SUS316L (AISI 316L SS/EN 1.4404 Equivalent)
     1 - Electrode Structure: Non-replaceable
     S - Grounding Ring and Grounding Electrode Material: JIS SUS316 (AISI 316 SS/EN 1.4404 Equivalent)
  -AA1 - Process Connection: ANSI Class 150 Wafer
     1 - Lay Length: Standard
    -2 - Electrical Connection: JIS G1/2 Female
     N - Indicator: Integral Flowmeter without Indicator/Remote Flowtube
     B - Calibration: Standard

Measurable Flow Range: 6.4 to 635m3/h of Water
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Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flow Meter Product Highlights

  • Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flow Meter is  a sophisticated flow meter with outstanding reliability and ease of operation.
  • The innovative Dual Frequency Excitation methods that superimposes high frequencies on low frequencies, also utilizes all the advantages of both while eliminating the disadvantages.
  • Yokoagwa AXF Magnetic Flow Meter with Dual Frequency Excitation ensures excellent flow noise immunity and fast response times, while maintaining high accuracy and high zero stability.
  • Yokogawa AXF equipped with Fluid Adhesion Level Diagnosis that constantly monitoring the level of dirt coating on the electrodes, hence user possible to determine when maintenance is required.
  • Standard accuracy is ±0.35% if reading, also available the high accuracy calibration rated at ±0.2% of reading as option.

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Datasheet: Yokogawa AXF Data Sheet