Yokogawa EJA530A-DBS4N-02DF/D4 Gauge Pressure Transmitter

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Model: EJA530A-DBS4N-02DF/D4
EJA530A - Gauge pressure transmitter
     -D - Output Signal: 4 to 20mA DC with digital communication (BRAIN Protocol)
      B - Measurement Span (Capsule): 0.1 to 2MPa {1 to 20kgf/cm2} {14.5 to 290psi} {1 to 20bar)
      S - Wetted Parts Material: [Process Connection]: SUS316L, [Diaphragm]: Hastelloy C-276
      4 - Process Connections: 1/2 NPT Female
      N - Always N
     -0 - Always 0
      2 - Electrical Connection: 1/2 NPT Female, Two Electrical Connections and without blind plug
      D - Integral Indicator: Digital Indicator
      F - Mounting Bracket: SUS304, 2-Inch pipe mounting
    /D4 - Measurement Unit: kgf/cm2Notice: This product was discontinued on 29/12/2016, this is last available unit from Celectric
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Yokogawa EJA530A Gauge Pressure Transmitter Product Highlights

  • Yokogawa EJA530A Gauge Pressure Transmitter, features single crystal silicon resonant sensor hence is suitable to measure pressure of liquid, gas or steam pressure as well as liquid hydrostatic level measurement.
  • EJA530A Gauge Pressure Transmitter with standard accuracy of ±0.2%(±0.12% Accuracy available with /HAC option).
  • The 40 self-diagnostics of EJA530 to ensure everything is working well. Active Sensor Technology monitors the DPHarp sensor while the Patented Back-Check Technology is reverse checking all calculations in real-time.
  • Rugged body construction reduced failures of EJA530 in the field by 200%, also the IP66/IP67 housing for outdoor weather-proof application.

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Data Sheet: Yokogawa EJA530A Data Sheet

User Manual: Yokogawa EJA530A User Manual