Yokogawa FX1000 Paperless Recorder

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Model: FX1006-4-2-H/USB1
FX1006 - 6 Channels, Shortest measurement interval: 1s
    -4 - External Storage Medium Slot: With CF Card Slot and Medium
    -2 - Language: English/German/French, degF and DST
    -H - Withstanding voltage between measuring input terminals: 1000 VAC(50/60 Hz), 1min
 /USB1 - Options: USB Interface (1 port)
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Yokogawa FX1000 Paperless Recorder Product Highlights

  • The FX1000 paperless recorder exceeds customer expectations for high performance, quality, and capability at affordable price.
  • Yokogawa FX1000 is a paperless recorder that displays real-time measured data on a 5.7″ color TFT LCD.
  • The FX Series Recorder combines a clear view of process data with highly reliable recording and efficient data access. Network file transfer and web browser monitoring improves efficiency and saves time.
  • In addition, FX1000 has the ability to monitor power consumption and record energy usage for diagnostic, preventative maintenance and cost savings.
  • With ethernet enabled, email sending are possible in Yokogawa FX1000 and also transfer files by using FTP.
  • Besides that, it can also communicate with Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP.
  • Available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 channels model. Each channel able to configure with DC voltage, thermocouple, resistance temperature detector (RTD) or contact signal.
  • CF Card/SD Card to save recording data or the data transferred via networks. The saved file can be converted to Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, or ASCII format file, facilitating processing on a PC.
  • Further to that, the viewer software allows a PC to display waveforms on its screen and to print out waveforms.
  • Front panel complies with IEC529-IP65 water and dust proof. Therefore, the FX1000 Recorder is capable of handling outdoor installation.



Data Sheet: Yokogawa FX1000 Paperless Recorder Data Sheet