Yokogawa RAMC Short Tube Rotameter

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Yokogawa RAMC is short-tube Rotameter, used for measurement of flow rates of liquids and gasses. Its special application is in troubled, opaque or aggressive mediums.


Yokogawa RAMC Rotameter Product Highlights

  • Yokogawa RAMC Short Tube Rotameter looks impressive with all Stainless Steel Design.
  • Unique patented ” float blockage” detection system.
  • Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Monel PTFE Coated wetted part are available while intrinsically safe outputs also available as an option too.
  • The RAMC Rotameter with Float damper to avoid float bouncing for gas applications
  • IP66/67 Protection, hence indicator in Stainless Steel or Aluminium.
  • Local Indicator without additional power supply while the microprocessor controlled transmitter with 24V, 115V, or 230V power supply
  • Intrinsically Safe Version (Ex-i): ATEX, IECEx, FM, CSA, NEPSI, PESO, KOSHA, EAS, INMETRO.
  • Flame Proof Version (Ex-d): ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, PESO, KOSHA, EAS, TS.
  • Dust Explosion Proof: ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, PESO, KOSHA.
  • Ex for Non-Electrical RAMC: ATEX, EAS
  • FMEDA report available for SIL application


Data Sheet: Yokogawa RAMC Rotameter

Manual: Yokogawa RAMC Rotameter Manual