A Process Instruments Company

A Process Instruments Company

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Flow Meters

Celectric offers a wide range of Flow Measurement Products from Mass Flow MetersMass Flow Controllers, Thermal Mass Flow Meter up to Magnetic Flow Meters.

Mass Flow Meter

Digital Multimeters

Yokogawa 732 Series Multimeter

Temperature Measurements

Celectric offers a wide range of Temperature Measurement Products: Temperature Sensors, Temperature Transmitters and Temperature Data Loggers.

NANO-T-03 USB Data Logger

Pressure Measurements

Celectric offers a wide range of Pressure Measurement Products: Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, and Pressure Data Loggers. Portable or wall mounted types are also available.

Baumer Bourdon Pressure Gauge

Panel Instruments

Celectric offers a wide range of Panel Instruments: Flow Indicators, Flow Totalizers, Batch Controllers and Flow Computers. Ex-proof types are available too.

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