6 Features you should know in Vogtlin Red-y Compact Mass Flow Meter

Technology brings change in our daily life with the Internet, Cloud, Mobile phone and etc. Process Instrumentation always a feel of old technology without more changes, Vogtlin brings the Red-y Compact Mass Flow Meter a new design. The improvement helps to provide better “User Experience” even in flow measurement.

AA Battery Powered Mass Flow Meter

Battery powered Mass Flow Meter is not a new thing in the industry, but AA Battery makes like much easier. Most of the Battery Powered Mass Flow Meter will equip with custom-made the battery, which could cost a lot during replacement. The new Vogtlin Red-y Compact powered with 1 AA battery only with battery life as long as 6 months. The AA Battery even powered the Mass Flow Regulator for flow control.

Touch Screen Mass Flow Meter

Touch Screen Enabled Mass Flow Meter

Touch Screen on a Mass Flow Meter is still rare in the market, hence one of the greatest advantages of the touch screen is the direct interaction between user and device. New Vogtlin Red-y Compact are standard with Touch Screen, parameters setting aren’t hassling anymore.

Micro-USB power supply

Micro USB Enabled Mass Flow Meter

Vogtlin Red-y Compact Series is the First USB Powered Mass Flow Meter. Besides the common AA Battery Powered, and 24VDC Powered, the inbuilt Micro USB port allows the user to power the Mass Flow Meter using any USB power source. Portable Mass Flow Meter makes possible with the Micro-USB port with the long hour of flow monitoring, while the port can be used from time to time firmware updates.

Auto Rotation Display Mass Flow Meter

Auto Screen Rotating Mass Flow Meter

Mass Flow Meter hardly replaces Variable Area Flow Meter, which comes from 2 reasons. Pricing & Installation.

Pricing: Mass Flow Meter are generally high cost than Variable Area Flow Meter due to the electronic part and higher accuracy. In demanding industry accuracy is almost equivalent to cost, therefore Mass Flow Meter delivered something that VA Flow Meter not. The accuracy & Stability.
Installation: Mass Flow Meter often display in one direction only (Horizontal or Vertical). However the new upgraded Vogtlin Red-y Compact now capable to rotate the display with 270°, hence it solve the problem of installation in the VA Flowmeter. The readout of the flow reading now as clear as never before.

Multi Gases Mass Flow Meter

Multi Gases Mass Flow Meter

The Vogtlin Red-y Compact can store up to 3 different curves for different gases or gas mixtures in its memory. Gas selection possible from the display if the ordered unit with multiple gases option. The maximum flow rate is shown at the back of every gas name. In order to purchase 3 flow meters for 3 different gases, the Red-y Compact save cost with 1 device for 3 gases.

REAL Gas Calibration Mass Flow Meter

In Vogtlin Instruments accuracy is the priority, therefore all Red-y Series Mass Flow Meter out from factory with REAL Gas calibration. The Mass Flow Meter calibrated with REAL gas to ensures high accuracy and reproducibility.

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