About Celectric

Founded in 2008, Celectric is a leading supplier of Process Control Instruments located in Penang, Malaysia, we have been serving the local and international market. Whether products or services by Celectric, we commit focused on quality performance requirements.

Celectric commit to providing lowest price possible without sacrifice products quality.

Process Instruments Distribution Channels

Celectric offers our commitments to our position as Leading Distributor of Process Control Instruments by supporting our customers with our Technical Support and Technical Advice.

Our distribution channel includes leading manufacturers, such as:

Yokogawa – Japan

Vögtlin Instruments – Switzerland

Contrec – United Kingdom

Huba Control – Switzerland

FineTek – Taiwan

Lorric – Taiwan

Zoglab – China

Calibration Services

Celectric provides On-site and Off-site Traceable Temperature, and Pressure calibration at the moment. We plan to add more field of calibration in future like Flow Calibration, Level Calibration, and many more.

Technical Support

Celectric support our customer through our continues Technical Support to our customer with our well trained Technical Support Engineer.

E-Commerce Website

In the emerging Technology World, Celectric built the E-commerce platform to serve the customer a lot faster and easier than conventional face-to-face businesses. View our Products Page here

If you are not sure of which instrument suit to your application, contact us and let us help you.

Why Celectric?

Hassle Free Product Setup

Inform us your setting parameter; we set the parameter for you.

Reputable Brands And Products

All products we sell here are quality proven and from reputable manufacturer

Lifetime Technical Support

We offer lifetime technical support via phone and email for FREE. Yes, it is free for lifetime.


Celectric offer 1-year warranty on all the products bought through our E-store. While some Brands like Contrec and Voegtlin do offer 3-years warranty for their product range.

Free Shipping

We offer Free Shipping for local shipment


You can return or exchange the items if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason. (Term & Conditions apply)

Customer Satisfaction

If you are dissatisfied with us for any reason or wish to give us your valuable suggestions. To maximize the user experience, we welcome you to use our Live Chat system for faster respond.