Yokogawa YS1700 Text Program vs Function Block

I almost can’t trace back when the YS1700 launch, but base on the YS1700 successor the Yokogawa YS170 was discontinued on 2008. Therefore I assume the Yokogawa YS1700 has been launched since 2008.This new controller upgrades with several features.Other than the new LCD, shorter body length, 1000 steps text Program and 400 modules of Function […]

Measurement and Control of Low Gas Flow Rates

Introduction There are several fundamental measurement techniques for flow meters, such as: Electromagnetic Flow Meters Thermal Mass Flow Meters Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Differential Pressure Flow Meters Vortex Flow Meters Position Displacement Flow Meters (PD Flow Meters) Turbine Flow Meters Variable Area Flow Meters ]Other than the ones mentioned above, there are some less known […]

New Contrec 424 Batch Controller and 425 Flow Computer

Contrec New 424 Batch Controller & 425 Flow Computer Contrec 424 Batch Controller Read MoreUsually ships in 2 to 4 weeks Contrec 425 Flow Computer Read MoreUsually ships in 2 to 4 weeks Contrec never stands still and always looking for innovative ways to make good flowmeters even better. When Contrec’s 414 Batch Controllers and [...]

How to perform Gas Sampling using Digital Mass Flow Meter?

How to perform Gas Sampling using Digital Mass Flow Meter The Vögtlin red-y compact 2 meter is used as the heart of a reliable automatic in the analytical world, low-cost gas sample taking the device. Emission or environment measurements often demand periodic sampling of a fixed amount of gas and collect these in a container or sample [...]

6 Features you should know in Vogtlin Red-y Compact Mass Flow Meter

Technology brings change in our daily life with the Internet, Cloud, Mobile phone, etc. Process Instrumentation always a feel of old technology without more changes, Vögtlin Instruments brings the Red-y Compact Mass Flow Meter a new design. The improvement helps to provide better “User Experience” even in flow measurement. The Vögtlin Instruments Red-y Compact honored the “BEST IN FLOW: […]

Variable Area Flow Meter or Mass Flow Meter for Gas Flow Measurements

Comparison between Variable Area Flow Meter and Mass Flow Meter often compare of Volumetric Flow and Mass Flow Measurements. What good of Mass Flow Over Volumetric Flow Measurements Mass Flow Meter is having widest Turndown Ratio, Fast Response Time, High Accuracy and also High Repeatability. Mass Flow Rate independence to pressure and temperature changes. Pressure and temperature compensation does [...]