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Yokogawa YS1700 Text Program vs Function Block

I almost can’t trace back when the YS1700 launched, but based on the YS1700 successor the Yokogawa YS170 was discontinued in 2008. Therefore I assume the Yokogawa YS1700 has been launched since 2008. This new controller upgrades with several features. For instance the new LCD, shorter body length, 1000 steps text Program and 400 modules of Function Blocks.

Text Program

Text Program is a series of programming instructions that call to the controller to perform specific functions. It reminds me of the Motorola 6800 microprocessor instruction code back in college time.

The number of steps has been increased from 200 in YS170 to 1000 Steps in YS1700. This improvement makes the YS1700 as powerful as any programmable controller in the market.

Function Block Programming

Function Block Diagram/Programming is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) based programming method, commonly use in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

400 modules of Function Block programming are now possible in the YS1700 Controller, this new feature makes the programming fun and easy.

Text Program vs Function Block

Text program is a bit old school as a programming method, and it involves very long and difficult to understand programming sequences. It  becomes difficult when the text program grows larger than a few hundred steps. It will be even worse when coming to the maximum of 1000 Steps 

YS1700 Text Program

Function Block is far more modern than the Text Program and makes it possible to identify any error made during the programming. The visualized GUI modules makes it a lot easier to understand the program flow too.

YS1700 Function Block
Function Block Example

Pros and Cons

Text ProgramFunction Block
Program TransferSimple copy and pasteSave and load program
Transfer ErrorEasily to make mistakesWorry free with Program save as Component
Program Error CheckToughEasy
Real input Program TroubleshootToughEasy
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New Contrec 424 Batch Controller and 425 Flow Computer

Contrec New 424 Batch Controller & 425 Flow Computer

Contrec never stands still and always looking for innovative ways to make good flowmeters even better. When Contrec’s 414 Batch Controllers and 405 Flow Computers were first released in 1992, they quickly became the industry standard for accurate and reliable flow monitoring and control.

So good was the Contrec’s 400 series that many of those early instruments are still in operation over 25 years later.
When we produced the new 424 Batch Controller and 425 Flow Computer we took all the right things our customers loved about the 400 series and added in some great new features, making the 424 and 425 the best choice yet for your precise flow and batch applications.

Maintaining all the best features of the existing 400 series including:

• Large LCD
• Simple four button operation
• Easy configuration and operate
• End of batch and pump control output
• Remote start/stop/reset control
• Auto overrun and flow alarm features
• Rugged reliability
• Panel, Field or Explosion-Proof mounting

Now the Contrec 424 and 425 models also come with the following NEW features AS STANDARD:

• Adjustable ‘white’ backlight
• Tactile keypad for improved operator interaction
• RS232 & RS485 Communications
• Custom Ticket Printer Header
• Hi & Lo Flow Alarms (425 only)
• Fast response relays for high speed batching
• Software configurable input type
• Universal Mains Power Supply (AC or DC)
• Green, Red, and Orange LED status lamps

Compatible with virtually any type of pulse or frequency generating flow meters including Turbine, Positive Displacement, Coriolis, Magnetic and Ultrasonic, the 400 series is fully configurable to display and control in any volumetric or mass engineering units.

Having a large LCD backlit displays ensures operators can see what’s happening even in dimly lit installations, while the large tactile push-buttons permit operation using gloved hands, for example in food factories or during tanker loading applications.

The instruments come fitted with both RS232 and RS485 communication outputs. These allow the instruments to be monitored and controlled remotely from the control room. Additionally, they also will enable a ticket printer to be connected directly to the device. Many different types of ticket printer are suitable for connection to the 424 and 425. In addition to printing the process data, you can print the custom headers* at the top of each ticket to signify company name, product name, emergency telephone number, etc. (*must be factory configured).

With thousands of instruments installed worldwide, Contrec provides accurate and reliable batch and flow solutions you can count on.