ADtek CM1-PR Indicator

Product Highlights

  • Measuring 0(1)~5V/0~10V, 0~10mA/0(4)~20mA ( or 2 wire sensor with 24Vdc excitation supply )
  • Optional output available for one of 2 relay, analogue or RS485


  • ADtek CM1-PR Indicator has been designed in simple function and 4 digits 20.0mm LED displays with the economic cost.
  • They are can be programmed by tact switches that are hidden in the backside of the front bezel.
  • They are also an available option of 2 Relay outputs, 1 Analogue output or 1 RS485(Modbus RTU Mode) interface with versatile functions such as control, alarm, re-transmission or communication for a wide range of industrial applications.