Burkert 8055 Full Bore Magnetic Flow Meter

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Product Highlights

  • Combination of magnetic flow sensor fitting S055 and transmitter SE56
  • Batch Control or Continuous Measurement
  • Sandwich type (S054) available
  • Water treatment and general purpose applications


The Burkert 8055 is a complete full bore type magnetic flow meter, it is combination of a magnetic sensor fitting Type S054 or S055 connected to an electronics Type SE56 (blind in compact version or with display in compact or remote version), is designed for applications with liquids with a minimum conductivity of 5 μS/cm. Combined with a valve as the actuating element, the complete full bore Combined with a valve as the actuating element, the Burkert 8054/8055 complete full bore magnetic flowmeter can control high-precision dosing operations and flow measurements in potable water treatment and wastewater treatment.