Contrec 104D Field Mounting Flow Rate Totalizer

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  • The Contrec 104D Field or Panel Mounting Rate Totalizer design to operate with the turbine, positive displacement, and paddle wheel flow meters.
  • The totalizer is suitable for applications such as irrigation systems and pipelines and as a replacement for mechanical registers.
  • The Flow Rate Totalizer is loop powered via a 4-20mA output from flow meters, not requires external power.
  • The Contrec 104D build with a rugged enclosure which is IP67 (NEMA 4X) polycarbonate.
  • Hence, the enclosure is completely watertight. This enables the instrument to mount directly on the flow meter, panel mounted or wall mounted using a special universal bracket.
  • The Flow Rate Totalizer comes with a standard wall mounting bracket.
  • Meanwhile, a 2″ panel and pipe mounting bracket are available as an option.
  • K-factor, decimal point positions, filter constants and time base are also fully user programmable.
  • Rate and Totals can also be displayed in different engineering units such as gallons per minute and barrels.
  • A non-volatile memory store all set-up parameters and total in the event of power failure.

Product Highlights

  • Displays Flow Rate, Total and Accumulated Total
  • Loop DC powered
  • Watertight to IP67 (NEMA 4X)
  • Wall or Pipe, Panel mounting
  • Fully Programmable
  • 4-20mA Output
  • High & Low Flow Rate Alarms
  • CE compliant
  • Pulse Output



Contrec is the UK’s leading manufacturer of batch controller, flow metering systems, and process control solutions. Contrec instruments combine 30 years of engineering excellence with cutting edge technology, designed the instruments with precise control for your application. Celectric represents Contrec in Malaysia since the year 2011, we supply Contrec products with providing the best technical advice for a most suitable model for applications. Contrec's Product Range:


Contrec 104D Data Sheet Contrec 104D Instruction Manual
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