Contrec 214Di Batch Controller, ATEX Pulse Input

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  • Contrec 214D ATEX Batch Controller is suitable and perfectly suit for low flow applications.
  • Low flow applications refer to flow which require precise control of batch quantities.
  • Batch Total, Accumulated Total and Preset values can all be displayed on the large LCD display.
  • For hazardous area applications, Contrec 214Di is an intrinsically safe version with both ATEX approval, and CSA approval covering both the USA and Canada.
  • Contrec 214D ATEX Batch Controller has an input conditioning circuit which will accept pulse or frequency flow signals generated by turbine, positive displacement, paddlewheel or other flowmeters.
  • Configurable link positions enable the input circuit to be configured for the different signal types.
  • User can control single or two stage with Contrec 214D. This is because the unit is comes with two solid state relays.
  • Therefore, the batch controller can control two stage with slow stop/slow start.
  • The first output will energise at the start and de-energise when the batch is complete.
  • Contrec 214D will operate from an external power source between 9 and 28 Volts and draws no more than 4mA.
  • Lithium batteries provide backup if the DC power is interrupted so that totals are not lost.
  • The solenoids or sensors, however, may still require external power.
  • Solid state outputs provide control to solenoids and relays, and can sink up to 200mA.
  • The housing for Contrec 214D ATEX Batch Controller is housing with IP67 (Nema 4X) polycartonate enclosure.
  • Therefore, the batch controller is completely water tight.
  • The Batch Controller is comes with a standard wall mount bracket.
  • Alternatively, pipe mounting bracket is also available to mount in rear or bottom.
  • The pipe mounting stems is for mounting the Contrec 214D directly to turbine flowmeters.

Product Highlights

  • Displays Batch Total, Accumulated Total and Preset
  • One or two stage valve control
  • ATEX Class 1, Zone 1 Approved
  • CSA US/C Class 1, Groups C & D Approved
  • Watertight to IP67 (Nema 4X)
  • Wall or Pipe Mounting
  • Fully Programmable
  • CE compliant



Contrec is the UK’s leading manufacturer of batch controller, flow metering systems, and process control solutions. Contrec instruments combine 30 years of engineering excellence with cutting edge technology, designed the instruments with precise control for your application. Celectric represents Contrec in Malaysia since the year 2011, we supply Contrec products with providing the best technical advice for a most suitable model for applications. Contrec's Product Range:


Data Sheet: Contrec 214D Data Sheet Manual: Contrec 214D Instruction Manual
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