Last Updated: 15/05/2019

Contrec 214Di Batch Controller, ATEX Pulse Input

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Product Highlights

  • Displays Batch Total, Accumulated Total and Preset
  • One or two stage valve control
  • ATEX Class 1, Zone 1 Approved
  • CSA US/C Class 1, Groups C & D Approved
  • Watertight to IP67 (Nema 4X)
  • Wall or Pipe Mounting
  • Fully Programmable
  • CE compliant


  • Contrec 214D ATEX Batch Controller is suitable and perfectly suit for low flow applications.
  • Low flow applications refer to flow which require precise control of batch quantities.
  • Batch Total, Accumulated Total and Preset values can all be displayed on the large LCD display.
  • For hazardous area applications, Contrec 214Di is an intrinsically safe version with both ATEX approval, and CSA approval covering both the USA and Canada.
  • Contrec 214D ATEX Batch Controller has an input conditioning circuit which will accept pulse or frequency flow signals generated by turbine, positive displacement, paddlewheel or other flowmeters.
  • Configurable link positions enable the input circuit to be configured for the different signal types.
  • User can control single or two stage with Contrec 214D. This is because the unit is comes with two solid state relays.
  • Therefore, the batch controller can control two stage with slow stop/slow start.
  • The first output will energise at the start and de-energise when the batch is complete.
  • Contrec 214D will operate from an external power source between 9 and 28 Volts and draws no more than 4mA.
  • Lithium batteries provide backup if the DC power is interrupted so that totals are not lost.
  • The solenoids or sensors, however, may still require external power.
  • Solid state outputs provide control to solenoids and relays, and can sink up to 200mA.
  • The housing for Contrec 214D ATEX Batch Controller is housing with IP67 (Nema 4X) polycartonate enclosure.
  • Therefore, the batch controller is completely water tight.
  • The Batch Controller is comes with a standard wall mount bracket.
  • Alternatively, pipe mounting bracket is also available to mount in rear or bottom.
  • The pipe mounting stems is for mounting the Contrec 214D directly to turbine flowmeters.

Data Sheet: Contrec 214D Data Sheet

Manual: Contrec 214D Instruction Manual