Contrec 405 Flow Computer (Discontinued)

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  • Contrec 405 Flow Computer can handle a wide range of flow applications, hence high accuracy and flexibility are never compromised. Therefore It will interface to most flowmeters and versions is available for Analog and Pulse Outputs.
  • Either the Flow Rate or a Resettable Total can be continuously displayed in engineering units on the large six-digit LCD display. A non-resettable Accumulated Total is also displayed whenever the DISPLAY key is press.
  • A scaled pulse output, suitable for driving remote totalizers is a standard feature and the instrument also provides an 8-24 Volts dc power supply for driving transducers.
  • Optional features include: an isolated 4-20mA output; a communications interface; and high/low flow rate alarms which are output on two Form C relays.
  • The communications option includes both RS232 and RS422/485 interfaces for communicating with a computer.
  • Software drivers are also included for a number of printers and can print the ticket with date and time, a sequential ticket number, and also the resettable and accumulated totals.
  • Contrec flow computer is initially set-up by following a calibration sequence that enables scaling factors, digital filtering, and display formatting to be set and stored in a non-volatile memory which does not require battery backup.
  • The instrument will operate from 12 to 28V dc or from the 110/220V AC mains.
  • Contrec flow computer is supply with a sheet of self-adhesive engineering unit labels. A recess, adjacent to the display, is provided to place the correct label.



Contrec is the UK’s leading manufacturer of batch controller, flow metering systems, and process control solutions. Contrec instruments combine 30 years of engineering excellence with cutting edge technology, designed the instruments with precise control for your application. Celectric represents Contrec in Malaysia since the year 2011, we supply Contrec products with providing the best technical advice for a most suitable model for applications. Contrec's Product Range:


Contrec 405 Data Sheet Contrec 405A Instruction Manual
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