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Contrec 405 Flow Computer (Discontinued)

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  • Contrec 405 Flow Computer can handle a wide range of flow applications, hence high accuracy and flexibility are never compromised. Therefore It will interface to most flowmeters and versions is available for Analog and Pulse Outputs.
  • Either the Flow Rate or a Resettable Total can be continuously displayed in engineering units on the large six-digit LCD display. A non-resettable Accumulated Total is also displayed whenever the DISPLAY key is press.
  • A scaled pulse output, suitable for driving remote totalizers is a standard feature and the instrument also provides an 8-24 Volts dc power supply for driving transducers.
  • Optional features include: an isolated 4-20mA output; a communications interface; and high/low flow rate alarms which are output on two Form C relays.
  • The communications option includes both RS232 and RS422/485 interfaces for communicating with a computer.
  • Software drivers are also included for a number of printers and can print the ticket with date and time, a sequential ticket number, and also the resettable and accumulated totals.
  • Contrec flow computer is initially set-up by following a calibration sequence that enables scaling factors, digital filtering, and display formatting to be set and stored in a non-volatile memory which does not require battery backup.
  • The instrument will operate from 12 to 28V dc or from the 110/220V AC mains.
  • Contrec flow computer is supply with a sheet of self-adhesive engineering unit labels. A recess, adjacent to the display, is provided to place the correct label.

Data Sheet:Contrec 405 Data Sheet

Instruction Manual: Contrec 405A Instruction Manual