Contrec 414 Batch Controller

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Product Brand : Contrec
HS Code : 1234
Model Number : 414
Weight : 2.00 KG


  • Contrec 414 Batch Controller is suitable to flow applications where precise measurement and control of batch quantities is required.
  • Batch total, flow rate, accumulated total and preset value can be displayed in engineering units on the large LCD display.
  • The batch controller will interface to most flow meters with versions available for pulse also analog inputs.
  • The four key at front panel makes easy to set batch quantity also to start and stop batches.
  • When overrun caused by slow closing valves, the Automatic Overrun Compensation will automatically compensate for any overrun with average 3 batches.
  • The maximum batch limit can set during setup, hence to prevent the operator enter a batch size that exceeds this limit.
  • The Signal Timeout allow the flow signal cuts out midway through a batch, the output relays are de-energised, while an alarm signaled via an open collector output.
  • Connect remote push-button switches to the rear terminal strip also to start and stop batches.
  • The preset time delay of Contrec 414D can program to automatically restart the batch after a preset time delay.
  • Batch Controller can program as count up from zero, or to count down from the batch quantity.
  • End of Batch signal is provided via an open collector transistor output.


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