Last Updated: 15/05/2019

Contrec 505-BC04 Batch Controller

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Contrec 505-BC04 Analogue Input Batch Controller Product Highlights

  • The Contrec 505-BC04 application is a Dual Stage Batch Controller for reliable measurement of preset quantities using a Mass Analog Input, such as mass flow meter.
  • Used as a single or dual stage batch controller it is suitable for fast batch applications.
  • It provides the operator with clear local readout and can be controlled via communications in more automated systems.
  • There is quick access to commonly used preset values directly from the front panel if access has been authorized.
  • Automatic overrun compensation caters for system delays such as valve closure for precise volumes.
  • The analog input can be scaled as well as having filtering, square law or non-linear correction and cutoff points applied to the signal.


  • To derive the flow rate, the analog input is normalised to a value (A) between 0 and 1.

mass flow = (Mf max – Mf min)A + Mf min

mass = ∫( massflow × Dt )

  • Automatic overrun compensation calculates the new valve closure point to ensure correct delivery by averaging the overrun amount from the last three complete batches.
  • The overrun compensation value is valid for a new preset value provided the stored overrun is less than 20% of the new preset.

Data Sheet: Contrec 505-BC04 Data Sheet

Instruction Manual:Contrec 505-BC04 Instruction Manual