Contrec 505-FG01 Flow Computer

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Contrec 505-FG01 Product Highlights

  • Contrec 505-FG01 application allows for great flexibility in configuring its operation before delivery: the frequency input can accept either volumetric or mass flow the analog input can accept either temperature, pressure, density or unitless values the analog input can operate independently or as a multiplication factor/divider to derive the resultant mass or volumetric flow.
  • A freely programmable “user value” on the main menu can serve as a setpoint for the 4-20mA output or as an operator identifier to be logged.
  • This Flow Computer, by default, is set up to accept a volume flow input, multiplied by a density on the 4-20mA input to determine the mass flow rate and total.
  • The calculation of totals are exact as the instrument collects all pulses detected on the input. total = pulses / k-factor
  • The flow rate is derived from an accurately measured frequency:
flow = frequency / k-factor
  • The analog input is normalised to a value (A) between 0 and 1.
Analog Value = (Vmax – V min)A + V min
  • The resultant values are then:
FACTOR result = Flow x Analog Value DIVIDER result = Flow / Analog Value



Contrec is the UK’s leading manufacturer of batch controller, flow metering systems, and process control solutions. Contrec instruments combine 30 years of engineering excellence with cutting edge technology, designed the instruments with precise control for your application. Celectric represents Contrec in Malaysia since the year 2011, we supply Contrec products with providing the best technical advice for a most suitable model for applications. Contrec's Product Range:


Contrec 505-FG01 Data Sheet Contrec 505-FG01 Instruction Manual
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