FineTek ZMICROFLEX-C Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (Discontinued)

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Please find upgraded model ZMWB1A

FineTek Ultrasonic Level Transmitter while Open Channel Flow Measurement are possible under the same model. Maximum measuring height up to 11 meter. HART Communication and Explosion Proof model available.


FineTek Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Product Highlights

  • FineTek EA Series is a non-contact, low-cost hence easy to install level measuring device.
  • Applicable to most industrial applications for both solids or liquids, while most important aspect is the easy to install and low maintenance due to no moving parts.
  • The FineTek Ultrasonic Level Transmitter equipped with LCD display while the 3 push buttons to access 8 parameters modes.
  • Available for 8 meter and 11 meter measuring tank height.
  • HART Communication also Explosion Proof Version are available
  • Open Channel Flow Measurement also possible with the EA Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Data Sheet: FineTek EA Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Data Sheet