FineTek ZMWB1A Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

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FineTek EAX Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Product Highlights

  • FineTek EAX Series is a non-contact, low-cost hence easy to install level measuring device.
  • Improved accuracy of ±0.25% of the maximum measurement range.
  • The output of the EAX Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with 2-wire 4-20mA, hence with HART communication ready as standard.
  • The FineTek Ultrasonic Level Transmitter equipped with 4 line graphical display while the 4 keys for parameters configurations.
  • Maximum measuring range up to 12 meters or 40 ft
  • Volume linearization to tank shapes or 32 points table integrated into the EA Series, while Automatic Temperature Compensation is available in the setting too.



FineTek is Taiwan leading brand, designing and manufacturing process automation products for level measurement, flow meter, wireless communication technology and automation control. FineTek Products Range: Point switch - tuning folk level switch, vibrating probe level switch, capacitance level switch, optical level switch, mounting float switch, cable float level switch etc Level transmitter - radar transmitter, by-pass level transmitter, magnetic float level transmitter, capacitance level transmitter, pressure level transmitter etc Flow measurement - thermal dispersion flow switch, paddle type level switch, electromagnetic flow meter Pressure - level transmitter, pressure switch Temperature - temperature transmitter, thermocouple


Data Sheet: FineTek EAX Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Data Sheet
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