FineTek ZMWB1A Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

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FineTek New EAX Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is a compact, 2-wires loop powered ultrasonic flow meter. Upgraded version now with 12 meters measuring range.


FineTek EAX Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Product Highlights

  • FineTek EAX Series is a non-contact, low-cost hence easy to install level measuring device.
  • Improved accuracy of ±0.25% of the maximum measurement range.
  • The output of the EAX Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with 2-wire 4-20mA, hence with HART communication ready as standard.
  • The FineTek Ultrasonic Level Transmitter equipped with 4 line graphical display while the 4 keys for parameters configurations.
  • Maximum measuring range up to 12 meters or 40 ft
  • Volume linearization to tank shapes or 32 points table integrated into the EA Series, while Automatic Temperature Compensation is available in the setting too.
Data Sheet: FineTek EAX Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Data Sheet