Lorric F10 Series Variable Area Flow Meter

Last Updated: 10/06/2018
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Lorric F10 Series Variable Area Flow Meter Product Highlights

  •  Accuracy is ±5% of full scale.
  • Max. working pressure is 6.0kg/cm².
  • Recommended Operating Temperature: 50°C(UPVC Adaptor) / 100°C(PSU Adaptor).
  • Laser engraved scales allow clear readability and longer lifespan.
  • Dual-indicator is our patented design specially designed for easy and flows range management.
  • Available in customizable units and specific gravity (SG).
  • Calibration of all Lorric F10 series before delivery for best accuracy guarantee.
  • The perpendicular joint is available for space saving installation.
  • Hastelloy float is available for specific high PH liquid usage upon request.
  • Lorric F10 is suitable to use for liquid while the dual-indicator design is our patented design where it allows user to easily point out the low and high flow range.
  • Due to the variable area flow meter has double indicators, it allows user to define the flow range easily.
  • Lorric F10 water meter is popular because it is easy to install, precise and economical.
  • F10 series is available in polysulfone(PSU) or polycarbonate(PC) material.
  • Due to it has polysulfone body, therefore it is chemical resistant.
  • Flow meter with polysulfone(PSU) body is suitable to use for chemical also nonorganic solvents.
  • Furthermore, it is rigid, high-strength, and transparent. Therefore, the flow meter with polysulfone body can resist temperature up to 100-degree celsius.
  • The F10 series flow meter comes with 1/2″ male or female BSPT thread adapter. However, Lorric F10 water meter is also available in 1/2″ welding adaptor as the optional connection.
  • This series has permanent laser cut scale for the longer lifespan.
  • The float and guide rod inside the scale are made of AISI 316 material, hence standard o-ring material is EPDM and viton.
  • The smallest measuring scale for this series is 0.2LPM and the highest can goes to 20LPM.
  • Total length for this F10 series rotameter is 168mm while the reading scale is 90mm.

Data Sheet: Lorric F10 Data Sheet

SeriesF10 PCF10 PSUF10H PSU
Applicable FluidTap WaterChemical and Non-organic SolventsWhen chemicals are corrosive to stainless steel
Body MaterialPCPSUPSU
Float MaterialAISI 316AISI 316Ti / Hastelloy C
Guide Rod Material
O-ring MaterialEPDM / VITON
Union Nuts MaterialUPVC / Aluminum
Guide Rod Bottom MaterialUPVC / PSU
Scale Range(L/min)0.2 – 2.0 L/min
0.4 – 4.0 L/min
0.5 – 5.0 L/min
1.0 – 10 L/min
1.5 – 15 L/min
2.0 – 20 L/min
Adaptor Size and Adaptor Material
Male ThreadBSPTUPVC / PP 
Female ThreadBSPTUPVC / PVDF / PP
Panel Elbow Male ThreadBSPTUPVC
Welding TypeUPVC
Butt-fusion AdaptorPP
Adapter Spec  A    B  C  D    E  Panel ElbowWeight
FG  H    i  
1/2″Male Thread1638837.54148 
1/2″Female Thread16488384148 
PP OD25 
Panel Elbow
Male Thread