Lorric F10 Series Variable Area Flow Meter

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Lorric F10 Series Variable Area Flow Meter Product Highlights

  •  Accuracy is ±5% of full scale.
  • Max. working pressure is 6.0kg/cm².
  • Recommended Operating Temperature: 50°C(UPVC Adaptor) / 100°C(PSU Adaptor).
  • Laser engraved scales allow clear readability and longer lifespan.
  • Dual-indicator is our patented design specially designed for easy and flows range management.
  • Available in customizable units and specific gravity (SG).
  • Calibration of all Lorric F10 series before delivery for best accuracy guarantee.
  • The perpendicular joint is available for space saving installation.
  • Hastelloy float is available for specific high PH liquid usage upon request.
  • Lorric F10 is suitable to use for liquid while the dual-indicator design is our patented design where it allows user to easily point out the low and high flow range.
  • Due to the variable area flow meter has double indicators, it allows user to define the flow range easily.
  • Lorric F10 water meter is popular because it is easy to install, precise and economical.
  • F10 series is available in polysulfone(PSU) or polycarbonate(PC) material.
  • Due to it has polysulfone body, therefore it is chemical resistant.
  • Flow meter with polysulfone(PSU) body is suitable to use for chemical also nonorganic solvents.
  • Furthermore, it is rigid, high-strength, and transparent. Therefore, the flow meter with polysulfone body can resist temperature up to 100-degree celsius.
  • The F10 series flow meter comes with 1/2″ male or female BSPT thread adapter. However, Lorric F10 water meter is also available in 1/2″ welding adaptor as the optional connection.
  • This series has permanent laser cut scale for the longer lifespan.
  • The float and guide rod inside the scale are made of AISI 316 material, hence standard o-ring material is EPDM and viton.
  • The smallest measuring scale for this series is 0.2LPM and the highest can goes to 20LPM.
  • Total length for this F10 series rotameter is 168mm while the reading scale is 90mm.



Lorric, formerly known as Kingspray, is Taiwan leading brand for rotameter. Kingspray was established on 1991 and being rebrand to Lorric on the year 2006. Lorric is well known in designing and manufacturing high-quality variable area flow meter but economic. Lorric's Product Range: Variable area flow meter for water and air.


Series F10 PC F10 PSU F10H PSU
Applicable Fluid Tap Water Chemical and Non-organic Solvents When chemicals are corrosive to stainless steel
Body Material PC PSU PSU
Float Material AISI 316 AISI 316 Ti / Hastelloy C
Guide Rod Material
O-ring Material EPDM / VITON
Union Nuts Material UPVC / Aluminum
Guide Rod Bottom Material UPVC / PSU
Scale Range(L/min) 0.2 – 2.0 L/min
0.4 – 4.0 L/min
0.5 – 5.0 L/min
1.0 – 10 L/min
1.5 – 15 L/min
2.0 – 20 L/min
Adaptor Size and Adaptor Material
Male Thread BSPT UPVC / PP 
Female Thread BSPT UPVC / PVDF / PP
Panel Elbow Male Thread BSPT UPVC
Welding Type UPVC
Butt-fusion Adaptor PP


Adapter Spec   A     B   C   D     E   Panel Elbow Weight (g)
F G   H     i  
1/2″Male Thread 163 88 37.5 41 48  
1/2″Female Thread 164 88 38 41 48  
1/2″CNS 167 88 39.5 41 48  
1/2″ASTM 167 88 39.5 41 48
1/2″JIS 166 88 39 41 48 65
1/2″DIN 167 88 39.5 41 48  
1/2″平口 160 88 36 41 48  
PP OD25 
166 88 39 41 48  
168 88 40 41 48  
1/2″PT Panel Elbow Male Thread 41 45 153 189 47 22  


Data Sheet: Lorric F10 Data Sheet
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