Lorric F45 Series Variable Area Flow Meter

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Patented Dual Indicator Water Variable Area Flow Meter


Lorric F45 Variable Area Flow Meter Product Highlights

  • Lorric F45 variable area flow meter is suitable to use for liquid.
  • The F45 is an economic liquid meter and popular because it is easy to install, precise and economical.
  • Dual indicator flow meter is our patented design where it allows user to easily point out the low and high flow range.
  • Therefore, the dual indicator flow meter allows the user to define the flow range easily.
  •  Accuracy for Lorric F45 flow meter is 5% of full scale.
  • It can withstand pressure up to 6kg/cm2.
  • The smallest measuring scale for this F45 series is 10.0 LPM and the highest can goes to 600 LPM.
  • Total length for this F45 series rotameter is 346mm for welding connection and 390mm for flange connection.
  • Lorric F45 economic variable area flow meter comes with 1.5″ or 2″ welding connection.
  • However, Lorric F45 flow meter is also available in 2″ flange as optional.
  • F45 series water meter is available in polysulfone(PSU) or polycarbonate(PC) material.
  • Polysulfone flow meter is suitable to use for chemical and nonorganic solvents. Furthermore, it is rigid, high-strength, and transparent. Therefore, the flow meter with polysulfone flow meter can resist temperature up to 100-degree celsius.
  • Meanwhile, Lorric F45 flow meter with polycarbonate (PC) can only resist temperature up to 50-degree celsius only.
  • This series has permanent laser cut scale for the longer lifespan.
  • The float inside the scale is made of AISI 316 material also for the guide rod, it is made with 316 Stainless steel.
  • Standard oring material is EPDM and viton.
  • Hastelloy float is also available for corrosive chemical medium upon request.
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