Precision Digital PD683 Loop Leader Loop-Powered Digital Panel Meter

Precision Digital PD683-0K0

Last Updated: 08/12/2018
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SKU: PD683-0K0 
Product Type: Loop Powered Meter 
Input: Current (4-20 mA) 
Output Options: None 
Approvals: None 
Display Category: LCD, Single Line, Bargraph 
Display: 0.6″ High, 5 Digits, Bargraph, LCD 
Specific Application: Process 
Specific Approvals: None 
Warranty: 3 years 
Backlight: Standard 
Product Series: Loop Leader 
Product Family: PD683 
Product category: Digital Panel Meters, Loop Powered Meters 
Product Application: Level, Pressure, Process


The Loop Leader PD683 is a loop-powered, 1/8 DIN digital panel meter designed for demanding process control applications. The fact that this meter is loop-powered means that there is no need to run additional, costly power lines; the meter gets all of the power it needs from the 4-20 mA loop. The PD683 loop-powered indicator is built in a shallow-depth case with an FM Type 4X front and features loop-powered backlighting and a wide -30 to 65°C operating temperature range. It doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or outdoors, in bright sunlight or a dimly lit plant, or in an area that is wet, dirty, hot, or cold, the Loop Leader can go just about anywhere.


Display: Five digits: -99999 to 99999, 0.60″ (15.2 mm) high, 7-segment, automatic lead zero blanking.
Engineering Units: 0.25″ (6.4 mm) high, 14-segment.
Bargraph: 20-segment, 0% to 100% indication.
Trend arrows: Up and down trend indication.
Backlight: Bright orange (intensity varies with signal)
Display Update Rate: 2.5/second
Overrange: Display flashes 99999
Underrange: Display flashes -99999
Programming Method: Four front panel buttons
Noise Filter: Programmable from 1 to 199
Recalibration: Recommended at least every 12 months.
Max/Min Display: Max/min readings reached by the process are stored until reset by the user or until power to the meter is turned off.
Password: Programmable password restricts modification of programmed settings.
Non-volatile Memory: All programmed settings are stored in non-volatile memory for a minimum of ten years if power is lost.
Voltage Drop: 2.0 V max w/o backlight, 5.7 V max with backlight
Equivalent Resistance: 125 Ω @ 20 mA w/o backlight, 315 Ω @ 20 mA with backlight
Normal Mode Rejection: 64 dB at 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature range: -30 to 65°C
Allowable Temperature Range: -40 to 65°C* (see note below)
Storage temperature range: -40 to 65°C
Relative humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Connections: Screw terminals accept 12 to 22 AWG wire
Enclosure: 1/8 DIN, high impact plastic, UL 94V-0, color: gray
Mounting: 1/8 DIN panel cutout required. Two panel mounting bracket assemblies provided
Tightening Torque: 4.5 lb-in (0.5 Nm) Screw terminal connections
Overall Dimensions: 2.45″ x 4.68″ x 4.19″ (62 x 119 x 106 mm)
Weight: 5.7 oz (162 g)
Warranty: 3 years parts & labor


Input Range: 4-20 mA
Accuracy: ±0.03% of span ±1 count, square root and programmable exponent: 10-100% FS
Calibration: Scale without signal or calibrate with signal source
Calibration Range: User programmable over entire range of meter
Minimum Span: 0.40 mA between input 1 and input 2
Note: An Error message will appear if input 1 and input 2 signals are too close together
Input Overload: Over current protection to 2 A max.
HART Transparency: Analog input will not interfere with existing HART communications on the wired 4-20 mA signal
Decimal Point: Up to four decimal places (d.dddd, dd.ddd, ddd.dd, dddd.d, or ddddd)
Function: Linear, square root, or programmable exponent
Low-Flow Cutoff: -99999 to 99999 (-99999 disables cutoff function)
Temperature Drift: 50 PPM/°C from -40 to 65°C ambient
*Below -30°C the LCD becomes less readable.


Square Root Function

The square root extraction feature displays flow rate by extracting the square root from a differential pressure transmitter signal. The user selectable low-flow cutoff feature gives a reading of zero when the flow rate drops below a user selectable value.

Differential Pressure Flowmeter


  • Displays Flow Rate
  • User Selectable Low-Flow Cutoff
  • Only 2 Calibration Points Required


Example of Using Programmable Exponent Function

Programmable Exponent

The programmable exponent function is used to linearize the level signal in applications using weirs and flumes and display flow rate in engineering units.

4-20 mA Connections

Differential Pressure Flowmeter



Loop Leader Dimensions


  1. Panel cutout required: 3.622 x 1.772 (92 x 45)
  2. Panel thickness: 0.040 – 0.250(1.0 – 6.4)
  3. Mounting brackets lock in place for easy mounting

Data Sheet: LDS683 Datasheets

Instruction Manual:LIM688_2 Instruction Manuals

Quick Start Manual