The Setra 225 Series Ultra High Purity Pressure Transmitter is specifically designed for ultra-high purity gas delivery systems in semiconductor processes and control applications requiring an ultra-clean operation, high throughput, and exceptional long-term stability.

The Setra 225 Series features a rotatable housing construction that allows the user to easily adjust the 12-turn potentiometer for zero and span fine-tuning. The standard rotary male/internal end face seal pressure interface meets the requirements of the semiconductor industry. In addition, the series also uses a variety of other interface types.

The 225 Series provides 5 VDC, 10 VDC or 4-20 mA three output type, use multi-core cable and six feet bayonet, D-Sub connector or M12x1 electrically connected.

The 225 Series pressure transmitters feature Setra’s patented variable capacitance technology with VIM/ VAR 316L stainless steel diaphragm and insulated electrode plates. The insulated electrode plate and the sensor locally form a variable capacitor. As the gas pressure increases, the diaphragm becomes slightly rounded, reducing the capacitance. The sensor will detect the change in capacitance and convert it to a high precision linear DC signal. Setra’s unique custom integrated circuits are fabricated using a patented charge-balance principle that is virtually immune to EMI/RFI interference.

After the manufacturing and assembly, Setra Ultra High-Pressure Transmitter is also subject to deionized water rinsing, high purity hot nitrogen purging, drying, double layer packaging, nitrogen filling, and sealing, and finally shipped.

Note: Setra’s quality standards are based on ANSI-Z540. The product is calibrated with NIST traceability, US patent number.

■ Low leakage rate
■ VCR connector
■ Small chamber that is easy to purge
■ 200PSI/250PSI/3000PSI