Setra’s Model 264 sensors are installed in millions of installations around the world and are the “standard” products for low dropout measurement applications in HVAC building automation, high precision medical and healthcare facilities.
The Model 264 Ultra Low Differential Pressure Sensor uses closed-end stainless steel soldered capacitive sensing components that require minimal magnification and provide excellent accuracy and long-term reliability for a wide range of critical mounting applications.
The Model 264 features a rugged design with brass barbed fittings, a rail mount, and an optional duct cover for easy and stable installation.

·Up to 10 PSI overpressure
· Easy to install
·0~5VDC or 4~20mA analog output
·Error wiring full protection
·Use non-adjustable DC power supply
· Meet CE standards

The Setra Sensor 

The core technology of the Setra 264 is the all stainless steel capacitive sensing element. Setra designs and manufactures all of their sensing elements resulting in full control over the process and quality of every single sensor. The welded dead-ended capacitive sensors require minimal amplification and deliver excellent accuracy and long-term stability. With 8 million installations the Setra’s technology has the highest field acceptance rate in the industry.

·Energy Management System
·VAV and fan control
·Clean engineering
·Laboratory and fume hood control
·Oven pressurization and furnace ventilation control
·Medical instruments and equipment