Setra 265 pressure transducer is designed primarily for very low differential pressure. Setra 265 pressure transducer is a most economical solution that offers an excellent price to performance ratio while meets the requirements in all typical HVAC applications. Setra 265 is a low differential pressure transducer that uses a dead-ended capacitive sensing element that requires minimal amplification and delivers excellent accuracy and long-term stability. It offers ±0.25%, ±0.4% and ±1% FS accuracy options with the pressure range from 0.25” W.C. up to 100” W.C. The 265 has a small footprint, an AC power option and an optional conduit cover that allows for simple, secure installation for any applications.

  • Industry’s best Price to Performance – The Setra 265 delivers exceptional features at a low price, perfect for any OEM looking for quality and performance at an affordable price.
  • Quick & Easy Installation – The Setra 265 is designed to reduce installation costs while increasing overall operating efficiency.  Installation is easy with integral mountings tabs, pressure connections located on the face of the unit, and a screw terminal strip for electrical termination
  • The Setra Sensor – The core technology of the Setra 265 is the all stainless steel capacitive sensing element. Setra designs and manufactures all of their sensing elements resulting in full control over the process and quality of every single sensor. The welded dead-ended capacitive sensors require minimal amplification and deliver excellent accuracy and long-term stability. Setra’s technology has been used in over 8 million installations and has the highest field acceptance rate in the industry.