Last Updated: 14/08/2018

Setra 269 Low Differential Pressure Transducer

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Setra 269 Low Differential Pressure Transducer Features

  • End Point 0.25% Accuracy – Improved Linearity
  • Secure Calibration Key for Zero/Span Adjustments
  • 2:1 Turndown Ratio Available
  • Fire Retardant Case (UL 94 V-0 Approved)
  • Enhanced Thermal Performance


Setra’s Model 269 transducer is the highest accuracy solution for monitoring differential pressure in critical environments. With using “End Point Method” Calibration, it improves linearity when compared to competitive transducers which using “Best Fit Straight Line Method“, while Setra Model 260 achieve the 0.25% FS accuracy.  The 269’s calibration is tamper-proof by utilizing a removable process head that eliminates inadvertent adjustments while allowing in-situ calibrations without removing the process tubing.  Calibrations can be performed automatically with Setra’s MicroCal outfitted with an expert system.  Multiple mounting configurations are available for the Setra 269, including DIN Rail for easier and quicker installation.

High Accuracy for Demanding Pharmaceutical Applications – The Model 269 differential pressure transducer uses a dead-ended capacitive differential sensing element with superior linearity and enhanced thermal performance to ensure the highest accuracy and reliability in the most demanding and critical applications.

Secure and Fast Calibration & Service – The Model 269 is designing primarily for the pharmaceutical industry’s stringent calibration guidelines in mind. The 269 has a removable process head to allow technicians to perform calibrations without cutting pneumatic tubes during each calibration cycle. The 269 also provides secure calibration which to make sensor adjustments; the unit requires a calibration key to prevent unauthorized personnel from making unwanted changes.

Flexibility in Installation – The Model 269 is both base and DIN Rail available providing the flexibility of mounting options. The base mount allows the sensor to be installed anywhere, whereas the DINrail configuration is designed to maximize space efficiency in a pharmaceutical panel.