Model 270 is Setra’s highest performance analog sensor for atmospheric, absolute and gauge measurements. The decades-long history of installation has earned it a good reputation and is still the trusted choice for all critical applications. The product uses ceramic material sensitive components with an accuracy of ±0.03% FS, wide operating temperature range, and superior performance to many similar products in the environmental testing market. In addition, it offers a wide range of options to meet the needs of various high-profile applications, making it even easier to install and higher data collection quality.

High precision products for demanding applications
As the most accurate analog sensor manufactured by Setra, its accuracy is 0.03% FS, which is very suitable for the critical facilities that precision measurement determines the success or failure of the application.

High-performance ceramic sensor
The Model 270 is a variable capacitance sensor with a built-in SETRACERAMTM pressure sensing element made of ceramic material and glass and gold. This stable material and design deliver industry-leading temperature-impact performance and low hysteresis, ensuring reliable operation in demanding applications. Compared with other stainless steel products, ceramic components perform better, measure more accurately, and test results are better.

Flexible installation
The Model 270 offers a wide range of mechanical and electrical options that are compatible with existing applications, helping to reduce engineering time and speed up project schedules.


  • High precision atmospheric pressure measurement
  • Weather and environmental data measurement
  • Data buoys and remote weather stations
  • Engine test bench