The Setra Model 278 is the ideal solution for atmospheric pressure measurement in remote environmental monitoring applications. It uses SETRACERAM™ ceramic sensing components to meet high specification accuracy over a wide operating temperature range in remote monitoring applications. Built-in small pluggable terminal blocks for quick and easy installation. This model features low power and sleep mode features that dramatically reduce current consumption during periods of inactivity, making it ideal for solar powered applications.

Designed for remote inspection applications
The Model 278 Pressure Transmitter is designed for remote applications that require low power consumption. Its sleep mode enables fast startup and reading.

High-performance ceramic sensor
The Model 278 is a variable capacitance sensor with a SETRACERAM™ pressure sensing element made of ceramic material and glass and gold. This stable material and design enable better temperature impact performance and low hysteresis in the industry, ensuring reliable operation in demanding applications. Compared to other stainless steel products, ceramic components have higher performance, more accurate measurements, and better test results.

Flexible installation
The product is compact and quick to install. Simplified wiring with pluggable terminals. The mounting holes are designed to install industry-standard grid systems, which greatly increase cabinet space utilization while reducing construction time.


  • Automatic Weather Station (AWS)
  • Data buoys and ships
  • Agricultural metering system
  • AWOS/ASOS system
  • High precision atmospheric pressure measurement