• Atmospheric pressure: 600~1100hPa/mb, 800~1100hPa/mb
  • Absolute pressure: 0~10,20,50,100psia


The Model 370 high-precision digital manometer is a multi-function measuring instrument with a microprocessor that combines Setra’s SETRACERAM™ sensing components, advanced digital circuitry, and proven firmware to achieve system accuracy of better than ±0.02. %FS. The Model 370 uses a 6-digit LCD display to display pressure and data. It can also output this data via a bidirectional EIA-232 interface. The function keys and numeric keys on the panel make it easy to convert engineering units and record minimum/maximum values. A value set the high and low alarm point and baud rate, perform calibration, etc. The above functions can also be completed through the communication interface. The Model 370 can output data in three different ways depending on the user’s needs; continuous output, intermittent output, output on request. The Model 370 also offers a choice of rechargeable battery packs, so it can be used not only as a laboratory instrument but also as a portable precision pressure gauge and field calibrator.


  • Automatic weather station
  • Pressure transfer reference
  • Laboratory or product process monitoring
  • Pressure chamber


  • Accuracy ±0.02% FS
  • High-resolution 6-digit LCD display for pressure or height monitoring
  • Bidirectional RS-232 digital transmission
  • Pressure units and height units can be converted
  • Digital altimeter adjustment indicator (DASI), correct altimeter mode
  • Programmable nonlinear function