Vögtlin Instruments GCM Red-y Compact Mass Flow Meter

Last Updated: 23/09/2018

Vögtlin Instruments GCM-A5ES-BN00

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Model: GCM-A5ES-BN00
Medium: Air/air
Measuring range: 10-500
Measuring unit: mln/min
Accuracy : ±2.0 % end value (range to 200 ln/min)
Temperature: 20 °C
Pressure inlet: 2 bar a
Connection: G1/4″ Inside thread
Body material: Stainless Steel
Seals: FKM
Power supply: Battery
Calibration protocol: with

Ref. Pressure : 1013 [mBar]
Ref. Temperature : 0 [°C]


  • The Award Winning Mass Flow Meter, the AA Battery Powered Mass Flow Meter and the Auto-rotate backlit touch display for great flexibility.
  • Red-y Compact Meter with automatic display 270deg rotation possible with the integral position sensor.
  • Red-y Compact Meter is the excellent alternative to Variable Area Flow Meter / Rotameter when accuracy is something unable to compromise.
  • The Mass Flow Meter can freely install horizontally or vertically depending on applications requirements hence eliminate the worry of flow orientation in rotameter.
  • Powered by some power source like AA-Battery, 24VDC or Micro-USB.
  • AA-Battery Powered Red-y Compact Meter will run up to 6 months. Therefore, this dramatically saves cost on the replacement battery.
  • MEMS semiconductor sensor is the centerpiece of the Red-y Compact thermal mass flow meter hence Analog-digital conversion takes place in the sensor.
  • Red-y Compact Meter use in applications like Gas Consumption Monitoring( With Build in Totalizer) or Gas Leak Detection.
  • Vogtlin Red-y Series Comes standard with 3-Years Warranty.
  • Find out Six features that available in Voegtlin Red-y Compact.

Data Sheet: Vogtlin Red-y Compact Data Sheet

Manual: Vogtlin Red-y Compact Meter User Manual