Vögtlin Instruments M-Flow High Precision Valves

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Product Highlights

  • Tightly closing valves
  • Multiple valves setups available
  • Various Knobs available


Vögtlin Instruments M-Flow micro needle valves were developed for fine dosages of gases and are the ideal solution for precise OEM applications.

The valves are an integrated constituent of our variable area flowmeters, and Vögtlin Instruments’s battery powered mass flow meters red-y compact series.


Vögtlin Instruments

Vögtlin Instruments GmbH designed intelligent and innovative gas flow measurement and control instrumentation. High-quality Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers are included within Red-y Series. Red-y Compact - Battery or DC Powered Digital Mass Flow Meters/Controllers Red-y Smart - High Precision Digital Mass Flow Meters/Controllers


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