• Vögtlin Q-Flow is a modern Variable Area Flow Meter for liquids and gasses built on the variable area principle.
  • The Variable Area Flow Meter designed in close collaboration with users. Therefore it combines Vogtlin’s long experience and practical shop-floor requirements.
  • Vögtlin Q-Flow is available in 3 measuring tubes sizes, 55mm, 80mm and also 140mm glass tube length. In addition to mm scales with flow rate table, glass tube with direct reading or custom scales are also available.
  • Body material of Vogtlin Q-Flow available in aluminum or stainless steel. Sealing materials also can be select between FKM or EPDM to suit different applications. The rotameter is equipped with precise, while hysteresis-free 15-turn control valves.
  • Different rotary knobs are available: Standard knob, standard knob with locking ring and hex socket and also locking nut only.