Yokogawa ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flow Meter

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Proven High Accuracy Magnetic Flow Meter with Dual Frequency Excitation by Yokogawa

Product Highlights

  • The ADMAG AXF is the magnetic flow meter which has adopted the proven Dual Frequency Excitation
  • Enhanced Dual Frequency Excitation has been newly added to tackle more severe applications


  • Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flow Meter is a modern flow meter with outstanding reliability and simplicity of operation.
  • Dual Frequency Excitation superimposes the High Frequencies superimposes on Low Frequencies also utilizes all the advantages of both hence eliminating the disadvantages. This too ensures excellent flow noise immunity and fast response times while maintaining high accuracy and high zero stability
  • Wide electrode variation from Platinum-Alumina Cermet Electrode, Replaceable electrode also Capacitance Electrode.
  • The Fluid Adhesion Level Diagnosis that constantly monitoring the level of dirt coating on the electrodes, hence user possible to determine when maintenance is required.
  • Standard accuracy is ±0.35% if reading, also available the high accuracy calibration rated at ±0.2% of reading as an option.
Datasheet: Yokogawa AXF Data Sheet
Model: AXF050G-D1AL1S-BA11-22B (Integral Type) 
Model: AXF150G-PNAL1S-AA11-2NB (Remote Flow Tube) 
Model: AXF100G-PNAL1S-AA11-2NB (Remote Flow Tube) 
Model: AXFA14G-D1-21 (Remote Flow Converter) 
Model: AXFC-4-L010 (Remote Signal Cable)