Yokogawa ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flow Meter

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Yokogawa AXF050G-D1AL1S-BA11-22B

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  • Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flow Meter is a modern flow meter with outstanding reliability and simplicity of operation.
  • Dual Frequency Excitation superimposes the High Frequencies superimposes on Low Frequencies also utilizes all the advantages of both hence eliminating the disadvantages. This too ensures excellent flow noise immunity and fast response times while maintaining high accuracy and high zero stability
  • Wide electrode variation from Platinum-Alumina Cermet Electrode, Replaceable electrode also Capacitance Electrode.
  • The Fluid Adhesion Level Diagnosis that constantly monitoring the level of dirt coating on the electrodes, hence user possible to determine when maintenance is required.
  • Standard accuracy is ±0.35% if reading, also available the high accuracy calibration rated at ±0.2% of reading as an option.

Model: AXF050G-D1AL1S-BA11-22B

AXF050: Size 50mm (2.0in)

G – Use: General Purpose Use

-D – Converter, Output Signal, and Communication: Integral Flowmeter with 4 to 20mA DC Output and BRAIN Communication

1 – Power Supply: Integral Flowmeter, 100V to 240 VAC or 100 to 120 VDC

A – Lining: Fluorocarbon PFA

L – Electrode Material: JIS SUS316L (AISI 316L SS/EN 1.4404 Equivalent)

1 – Electrode Structure: Non-replaceable

S – Grounding Ring and Grounding Electrode Material: JIS SUS316 (AISI 316 SS/EN 1.4401 Equivalent)

-BA1 – Process Connection: ANSI Class 150 Flange (Stainless Steel)

1 – Lay Length: Standard

-2 – Electrical connection: ANSI 1/2 NPT Female

2 – Indicator: Integral Flowmeter with Indicator (Vertical)

B – Calibration: Standard

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Instruction Manual: