Applications for the CA700 Pressure Calibrator include:

  • Field calibration of differential pressure and pressure transmitters
  • Pressure switch test
  • Check and I/O adjustment of an electro-pneumatic converter
  • 4 – 20 mA SIMULATE (two-wire transmitter simulator)
  • Two-wire transmitter loop test
  • Input command check and adjustment of recorders and controllers

Yokogawa CA700 Pressure Calibrator Specification Details

• Accuracy 0.01% rdg for Pressure / 0.015% rdg for Current/Voltage (source/measurement)
• Highest resolution class 0.001kPa (200.000 kPa range) 0.0001 psi (29 psi range)
• “As Found”, “As Left”  and error rate (%)
• IP54 dustproof and water proof case for harsh environments
• 4-20mA step function for signal generation
• 20mA Simulator to carry out loop test.
• Two-wire Transmitter Loop Check
• 250-ohm resistor for HART and BRAIN communication