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DY050: Size 50mm (2.0in)
-D – Output Signal/Communication: 4 to 20mA DC, Pulse BRAIN Communication
B – Body Material: ASTM CF8M
L – Shedder bar Material: Duplex Stainless Steel
BA1 – Process Connection: ANSI Class 150 Flange (RF)
-2 – Electrical Connection: ANSI 1/2 NPT Female
D – Indicator: With Indicator
/MV – Multi-variable Type: Build In Temperature Sensor (pT1000) in Vortex Shedder Bar

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Yokogawa DigitalYEWFLO DY Vortex Flow Meter Product Highlights

  • Yokogawa Multi-Variable Type Vortex Steam Flow Meter has a temperature sensor integral inside the shedder bar, especially for Steam Flow Measurements.
  • The shedder bar, which is strong enough to be used as a thermo-well while incorporates an RTD sensor (Equivalent to PT1000, Class A) for temperature measurement.
  • Therefore external temperature sensor installation into the pipe is not necessary, hence the steam flow computer also not require for steam flow compensation
  • Multi-Variable Vortex Flow Meter calculates the mass flow rate by steam table using measured temperature value continuously.
  • High-level steam flow measurement performance comparing with the conventional measurement
  • Readings of flow rate and temperature measurements are displayed simultaneously
  • The SSP function of the vortex flowmeter facilitates highly accurate measurement even when the flow piping is vibrating
  • Wide rangeability

Data Sheet: Yokogawa DY Vortex Flow Meter Data Sheet

Manual: Yokogawa DY Vortex Flow Meter User Manual