Product Highlights

  • Yokogawa EJA110E Differential Pressure Transmitter features high-performance single crystal silicon resonant sensor.
  • The Yokogawa EJA110E is suitable to measure liquid, gas or steam flow, liquid level measurement also density measurement.
  • EJA110E outputs a 4 to 20mA DC Signal corresponding to the measured differential pressure.
  • Digital Communication for BRAIN, HART, PROFIBUS also Foundation Fieldbus Protocols are available.
  • The accurate and stable sensor can also measure the static pressure which can be shown on the integral indicator or remotely monitored via BRAIN or HART communications.
  • Yokogawa EJA110E is under EJA-E series, also introduces 1 to 5VDC analog outputs with digital HART overlay to lower the amount of power consumed.
  • Yokogawa new switching circuit also allows the EJA110E differential transmitter maintain a constant very low-power consumption.