Yokogawa EJA530E Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Product Brand : Yokogawa
HS Code : 9026.20.3000
Model Number : EJA530E
Weight : 2.00 KG


Yokogawa EJA530E Gauge Pressure Transmitter Product Highlights

  • Yokogawa EJA530E Gauge Pressure Transmitter features single crystal silicon resonant sensor hence is suitable to measure the pressure of liquid, gas or steam pressure as well as liquid hydrostatic level measurement.
  • EJA530E Gauge Pressure Transmitter with standard accuracy of ±0.055%(±0.04% Accuracy available with /HAC option).
  • The Yokogawa EJA530E is IEC61508 Certified Pressure Transmitter. Safety as standard, not an Option.
  • Rugged body construction reduced failures of EJA530E in the field by 200%, also the IP66/IP67 Housing for the outdoor weather-proof application.


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