Yokogawa UM33A Digital Indicator

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Product Highlights

  • Universal Input Type
  • Panel mount Digital Indicator with alarms
  • Provides up to 9 alarms output
  • Input correction function (PV Bias, Polygonal line approximation, Polygonal line bias)
  • 24VDC sensor loop power supply as an option


  • The Yokogawa UM33A is an advanced function Indicating Controller with 3 alarms output.
  • UM33A with an easy-to-read, 14-segment large and bright color LCD display, along with navigation keys to greatly increasing the monitoring and operating capabilities.
  • The “Active Color PV Display” feature changes the PV display color change RED when alarm limit reached, hence the operator see the status of the process INSTANTLY




PV input Input type 1 Universal input (TC, RTD, mV, V, mA)
Indication accuracy ± 0.1% of F.S.
Control scan period 50, 100, 200 msec
PV/SP data display 14-segment, 5 digits LCD display
Digital inputs Number 2
Type PV peak and bottom values reset
Digital outputs Number 3 (Std) 9 (Max)
Function PV High, PV Low, Dev High, etc
Retransmission Number 1
Type PV
Loop power supply (LPS) (option) Number 1
Voltage 21.6 to 28.0 VDC
Communication (option) Number 1
Type RS-485
Other specifications Power supply 100 to 240 VAC (+10%, -15%) or 24 VAC/DC (+10%, -15%) (option)
Power consumption Max 15 VA
Mass Max 0.5 kg


Data Sheet: Yokogawa UM33A General Specifications User Manual: Yokogawa UM33A User Manual

Stock Model

Model: UM33A-000-11
UM33A - Digital Indicator with Alarms
-0 - Type 1: Basic: Standard Type
0 - Type 2: Functions: None
0 - Type 3: Open networks: None
-1 - Display Language: English
1 - Case Color: Black (Light charcoal gray)
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