Yokogawa YPP6210 Batch Controller, Analog Input

Product Brand : Yokogawa
HS Code : 9032.89.1000
Model Number : YPP6210
Weight : 2.00 KG


Product Highlights

  • Analog Input Batch Controller
  • Operation from front buttons
  • Display Batch Total, Rate, Grand Total, Count or Preset
  • Single or Multi-stage Batch Control ( up to 8 relays)
  • Automatic Overrun Correction
  • Automatic or Manual Batch Control
  • Low or High Flow Alarm while Batching
  • 9 Digit Grand Total with Overflow Feature
  • Count Up or Down with Each Batch
  • Program and Control with Computer using PROPLUS Software

Yokogawa YPP6210 Batch Controller Product Highlights

The Yokogawa YPP6210 Batch Controller is an Analog Input Type Batch Controller, accept the signal from 0 - 20mA, 4 - 20mA, 0 - 5V, 1 - 5V or ±10V Inputs. Front button easily chooses your display information, selectable between Batch Total & Preset, Batch Total & Rate, Batch Total & Batch Count also Batch Total & Grand Total.

The user-friendly dual-line display makes the YPP6210 easy to setup and program. All setup and programming are done via the front panel without any jumpers needed for input selection. Start/Pause/Stop and Change batch with front panel buttons.

Yokogawa YPP6210 are Single or Multi-Stage Batch Control while the Multi-stage are possible of up to 8 Relays. Automatic or Manual Batch Control, while with Automatic Overrun Correction. Selectable Analog Input for 0 - 20mA, 4 - 20mA, 0 - 5V, 1 - 5V and ±10V inputs. Sunlight Readable Display also weatherproof NEMA 4X, IP65 Front protection


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