• The Yokogawa YS1700 Programmable controller with Full-dot, TFT LCD. The high visibility of the display screen is ensured even view in direct sunlight in the early morning even late afternoon.
  • The user can freely access the desired operation display from the meter, trend display, bar graph, alarm and event displays. Also, all parameters can be set via the front panel display.
  • The new function block programming on YS1700 Controller offers a new GUI-based programming method, while text programming available for compatible with earlier models. The YSS1000 Setting software for YS1700 Controller is used to develop user programs, hence it is download free from the website.
  • Yokogawa YS1700 with a program capacity of 1000 steps for a text program, and 400 modules for a function block program.
  • IEEE754-format four-byte floating-point calculations enable actual values to use in calculations, hence increase more powerful control and calculation functions.
  • The multi-function controller mode allows selection control from frequently used functions, such as single-loop, cascade, or selector control without any programming. Function assignments to digital and analog inputs/outputs also can be configured in parameter settings.