Last Updated: 14/08/2018

Zoglab APM1200 High Precision Absolute Pressure Meter

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APM1200 precision absolute pressure meter uses the high-accuracy sensor, with excellent accuracy and stability. Optional measuring range 0~1100hPa and 500~1100hPa with accuracy up to 0.01%FS.

The Zoglab APM1200 is an ideal solution for efficient pressure calibration with humanized design, and its 7 inch TFT touchscreen could read the pressure value directly while multiple pressure units are optional. The APM1200 also support communication interfaces like RS232/485, USB, LAN, etc.; Built-in battery could support continuous work for 8 hours.

Display7 inch, 800 X 480 TFT LCD touch screen
Working environment-10~40℃, 10%~95%RH(Non condensing)
Storage environment-20~70℃,10%~95%RH(Non condensing)
Power supply100~240VAC 0.5A,50/60Hz
BatteryLithium polymer battery 14.8V/8000mAh
Battery lifeContinuous work for 8 hours/ standby for 90 days
Communication portsRS485/232,USB,LAN
Dimensions215×133×302mm(w/h/d)(3U, 1/2 size of 19 inch rack )


Measuring range0~1100/500~1100hPa
Measuring accuracy0.01%FS
StabilitySuperior to 0.1hPa/year
Over-pressure limitation120%FS
Calibration circle365 days